luxury villas

An independent unit that spans three levels. The doors open to a lobby that provides convenience and privacy. The villas are equipped with a solarium attached to the viewing deck and 2 parking spaces. Each of the ensuite rooms have excellent views of the southern slopes.

English Elm

The English Elm style veers toward ornate decor and traditional English nuances evident from the Chesterfield sofas and Victorian mirrors.


The Hazel leans toward a more lineated and uncluttered appeal, with wooden ceiling overhangs that add to the mountain feel.

The Solarium

A solarium is room built largely of glass to afford exposure to the natural view of the surrounding. It is a temperature controlled room which offers first hand experience of sunrise, rain, snowfall etc.

Imagine those winter nights with a view of the snowfall, experience the beauty of sunrise amidst the hills of Shimla from your room. solarium is designed in such a way that small moments like these are always with you to cherish.

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