At Amila Hills live in captivating surroundings. It is a space that is in complete harmony with nature. We maintain environmental standards. Guaranteeing that there is never a lack of material comfort. Live in a manner that is befitting of those who deserve the very best.

Situated in the northern ridges of the Shimla foothills, standing a few hundred feet higher than the upper reaches of the city, the Amila Hills site has an inviting resonance.

The roads to Shimla swing along the curves of the mountains, offering exotic views at every bend. Getting here would be a delight just as much as staying at Amila Hills.

Experience luxury in every sense, Goodness of wellness and spirituality, eat world cuisine. It is a home that’s truly an embodiment of tranquillity and plush comfort. Amila is where inner peace is a prerogative.

Amila Allure


Identified the hills and started conceptualization of Amila Hills.


Land consolidation of Amila Hills started.


Started ecological studies on Air, Earth, Water and Light by the best.


Various environmental licences were granted for the construction of Amila Hills.


Hotel construction was started.


RERA approval was received for 1st phase of Amila Hills.


1st phase of Amila Hills consruction started.